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Couple counselling


Couple counselling can offer a safe and objective space where both partners can be open to one another. Exploring together how they might bridge the gaps in their communication and carve out time to care for and protect the relationship from the general stresses of everyday life.

Couples’ therapy can help to create new ways to communicate and rebuild the relationship towards staying together, if this is something you both decided you want.

However, if you expressly wish to separate then relationship therapy can also help you achieve that amicably.

Usually there is a way forward with couple counselling, but it does require an effort from both partners and an acceptance that sometimes it can be a long and difficult process.

I offer you both an opportunity to gain perspective and understand and identify these problems.

We will explore what’s behind the scenes as well as keeping focus on what is happening in the relationship.
I will help you find effective communication, encouraging an understanding in a safe confidential space and building on the strengths of your relationships.

I will provide you with the necessary tools and skills to make changes in your relationship inside and outside the therapy room.

If you feel this relates to where you are in your relationship please contact Laura on 07834 409 933

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